Creative Visionary Program

In April of this year, I started the CVP program with Art2life with Nicholas Wilton and his team. The online course runs for three months, and covers an amazing amount of content about painting. The emotional and mental aspects of a creative career are also covered, as well as the business aspects. It was the most awesome experience, and am presently going over the videos again, as there was so much to learn. The piece below is an acrylic painting on a birch panel, part of a collection I am developing as a result of taking the program. There will be a lot more to come!

Published by beatrice

Beatrice is an illustrator and designer of juvenile and baby designs, with a career that spans for over twenty years. The whimsical images have been licensed for scrap-booking albums, paper products, baby bedding and giftware.

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  1. Love your painting! Hope to See leaves soon. Had a great weekend, Sat at coast and today painting at a beautiful winery.

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