Colorado Alliance of Illustrators Annual Show

Last Friday I worked at the CAI’s Annual Art Show in Lakewood CO. Two days before the event several illustrators helped us hang the art… it was great to have so much help this year. The quality of the pieces was rather high, with a variety of styles and techniques used in the illustrations. I was showing two designs that were acrylic paintings with pastel accents. A patron was interested in my butterfly image, but it was not for sale as the piece is now under a licensing contract.

The Best in Show piece “Afrika”  by Jeff Crosby will be drawn with chalk at the Pizza Dell’ Arte event in Larimer square in June.

The attendance was fantastic this year, great to see so many people, and the party rocked!

Anam Cara Living Arts Studio and Gallery
445 S. Saulbury St.
Lakewood, CO

Published by beatrice

Beatrice is an illustrator and designer of juvenile and baby designs, with a career that spans for over twenty years. The whimsical images have been licensed for scrap-booking albums, paper products, baby bedding and giftware.

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  1. Beatrice, do you know Andy Mason? He is a young man who does all kinds of art but at the moment he is pursuing animation. He used to live in Longmont.

    Also, I was thinking your blog needs your name on the home page. At first I thought I was not on your blog. Its really fun to read what you are up to. I Hope you can make a Licensing meeting again sometime soon. maybe in June!


  2. Hi Les,

    Don’t think I know him; thanks for the suggestion, I had not thought of that. What are you up too? My last name is Trezevant but I will add my first name too.

    Hope to see all of you soon too.


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