Atlanta Gift Show

Last Friday I arrived in Atlanta (my parents home town) to attend the Gift Show; my flight was a day late due to a bit of snow at the airport. This seemed rather silly to me as I live in Colorado, but the delay must have been due to de-icing challenges.

It was good to get out of the cold weather and into the Atlanta’s Mart building; didn’t have trouble getting my pass which was a huge relief! I walked the C building where “Children’s World” is located and enjoyed seeing really fun products for kids, and talking with prospective clients. Most of the exhibitors were willing to chat and direct me to their Creative Directors in the corporate offices.

I spent two more days in buildings A and B looking at home furnishings (made me want to decorate my house), greeting cards and paper products. After showing my portfolio to a number of manufacturers I came to the conclusion that too much time has been spent on juvenile art, as my Everyday and Holiday designs were well received. So back to the drawing board.

It was also fun to run into several friends, and to visit old friends in Marietta and Roswell after working all day.

Since my return I have been following up, sending samples to interested parties, and planning new directions for my art work. All together it was a very successful trip, and I plan on returning in July for the next show.

Published by beatrice

Beatrice is an illustrator and designer of juvenile and baby designs, with a career that spans for over twenty years. The whimsical images have been licensed for scrap-booking albums, paper products, baby bedding and giftware.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy! I think you have just highlighted how important it is to get out there and speak to people about your work (in terms of your everyday and holiday designs being well received) and take this into account when deciding on a direction for your artwork. Talking to people about my work is something I find really difficult so I am in awe of you Beatrice, well done! xx

  2. Beatrice,
    Your trip sounded so good. It makes me excited to go next year. I will sign up for your blog. I have one on WordPress too but I was not sure how to answer your question. Yea for Cherish!
    I am glad to hear you got some good feedback too. Its great to expand to new venues too.


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