Colorado Alliance of Illustrators

Early this month we had our first board meeting with the new members; I am now the vice president of the organization, and was glad to find out what my duties will be. We went over  all the jobs that need attending to and I am in charge of making sure that all of the events for the year are  properly in place. Next summer I am planning a plein air painting day in Garden of the Gods park, followed by a barbecue at my house. The other members are very professional and friendly, so I am happy to be a part of a good group. If you would like more information about our many events please click on the link  under blogroll.

Published by beatrice

Beatrice is an illustrator and designer of juvenile and baby designs, with a career that spans for over twenty years. The whimsical images have been licensed for scrap-booking albums, paper products, baby bedding and giftware.

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