Designing Women of Postwar Britain

I am so fired up! Just saw a fantastic show at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, of textiles from the 1950’s by three of the top designers of that period. The pieces were incredibly vibrant and fanciful. The best way to describe them is a combination of geometric patterns with plant forms and interesting textures and line work. This was very modern for the times, the designers were inspired by painters like Miro, but had their own styles and interpretations. Most of the fabrics were roller printed, on cotton or linen, and several yards were hanging so one could see multiple repeats.

This type of work is very close to my heart, as I received my degree in textile design from Canterbury College of Art in England.

A new floral

This has really been fun; I love designing floral images in a decorative style. This one is an appliqué with embroidery and bead work. The hands on aspect of creating with fabric is always thrilling for me. This image started out with a simple feel to it, and became more ornate as I continued piecing it together. My clients have sought out this look from me for a variety of products, including gift wrap, gift bags, textiles and scrap-booking paper. 



Having work photographed

This week-end I am having a photographer shoot some more of my work, and add watermarks to the images. I am really happy with the new pieces and look forward to sharing them soon. learning about the web and how to work with creative suite 3 has been a very interesting and fun journey; I am fortunate to have young and bright professionals to keep me updated about what needs to be learned next. animalsweb


Another lovely hike

This one was the most glorious! I led a hike up to the Crags which are on the back side of Pikes Peak; the day was a little cool but sunny and we walked in the snow nearly the entire way. The 280 degrees view at the top of the trail is magnificent; this trail head is also a little past Mueller State Park. To get there you turn left  onto a dirt road from highway 67 just past the Park and follow the signs for 3.5 miles to the parking lot. Being outdoors really cleared my head after spending a lot of time drawing this week. Now I am ready to create again.

Hiking in the Rockies

When I am not in my studio creating new pieces, I enjoy outdoor activities in Colorado. Living in the front range is ideal for me, as there is such easy access to the mountains. Last week-end I took a hike in Aiken Canyon, which is on Nature Conservancy land just twenty miles south of Colorado Springs, on highway 115. The trail is an easy 4.5 mile loop, in a peaceful canyon where wildlife is abundant.

This picture was taken in late September on a hike to Dome Rock in Teller County. Again a four mile loop, but this one with more elevation, and  wonderful views. The trail head is just past Mueller State Park, on highway 67.

Women’s Living Expo

Although the show is over now, I am still reflecting on the four days spent setting up and talking with the individuals in my booth. The traffic could have been better, but it was wonderful to see the children’s reactions to some of the art work, in particular the new painting of the mermaid. Little girls seemed to really love the piece. I had several conversations about the prospect of painting murals in kids rooms or nurseries. The best part of being there was to have the public interact so positively to the designs. Great motivator to start on sketches this week for a mural in a local library.


Women’s Living Expo


Now that I am back from my trip to Europe, I am starting to develop ideas for my booth at a trade show where I will be exhibiting in October; the Women’s Living Expo in Colorado Springs features products and services that are of interest to women. As I specialize in juvenile and baby designs, I will be showing images suitable for murals as well as scrap-booking products and wall decor. 

Musée De L’Elysée

Today I visited another museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Musée de L’Elysée. This one is entirely dedicated to photography; the theme of this particular show is “adolelesence”; the photographs of young people were created by European as well as America Artists. If it had not been pouring with rain I would have gone into the Olympic Museum next door and walked to the lake from there.

Paul Klee Museum

The new Paul Klee museum in Bern, Switzerland is on the outskirts of town, in a mordern building, constructed to hold the vast collection of the artist’s work; this summer the collection was not on display, because the foundation is working on a new show; I took advantage of being there to purchased quite a few postcards to use as research; I also found out that Klee’s pieces are difficult to preserve, as many of them were painted on cardboard and burlap, hence the wonderfull textures.