New Designs

It’s been a while since the last post, my busy schedule has kept me from my blog.

Lately I have been focusing on creating new collections for licensing; after all this is what I do, and having new good work is vital to my business. After the winter Atlanta Gift Show I received some good feedback from my digital designs, so I am working on my mac for the moment.

I have enjoyed learning more in Illustrator, how to repeat designs (although I have a lot of experience with this by hand) and now how to add patterns with clipping paths. As I am self taught as far as creating digitally, I tend to spend a lot of hours solving problems. It’s so exiting when you find the right solution and can have fun with the artistic part of the image. The floral pattern above belongs to one of the groups, I will be adding to patterns to this one also.


3 thoughts on “New Designs

  1. Beatrice, you inspire me! How did you learn the Illustrator techniques? I would love to learn that.
    I still hope to meet you in person!!

    YOur new design is just lovely!!!!!! I LOVE the colors you used too.

  2. Hi Leslie, thanks so much; learning Illustrator has all been trial and error for me… I use the “help” section a lot and read tutorials online. Some young kids with tattoos taught me the basics about how to use the tools at the Apple store.

    What have you been up to? We had a good meeting at Jen’s; it’s so hard to work around our schedules. Have you updated your blog?

    Hope to meet you soon.


  3. I may have to take some time to learn a few of those Illustrator essentials. You are right, time is sometimes flying away on us.

    I have been slow on the blogging end too. My updates are not always art related although I think that those things we live out each day DO have impact on our work. A lot of what I post is something that inspires me to work.
    I update the blog last night.

    I have some new work in the works…. I hope to hear back from an editor so I can begin working on a children’s book. This week has been a cleaning week. The studio never looked this good. I have taken out bags and bags of OLD stuff! I am on the last stack of old journals and then I am done and ready to work!!

    HOpe you see you soon. Can hardly wait to see what everyone has been up to. I wish I could have come to Jens!

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